Is the Taj Mahal really a Converted Shiv Temple?

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  1. Yes, very interesting with logical support. Kudos. Is it not coincidence that the three best books on Indian History, which I liked, were written by writers who did not claim to be historians. They are great Mughals by Abraham Eraly; Ramchandra Guha, India after Gandhi and William Dalrymple’s Thje Last Mughal.

  2. The motivation for this article even though firmly based on a student of history’s hurt at seeing his beloved field of study being desecrated also has a light hearted personal experience behind it and here it is- historically

    I have always loved travelling by bus. When I was five years old- my dad took me to Kolkata- I told him I wanted to travel on a double decker bus. In order to dissuade me he showed me how crowded it was so I bailed on that plan.

    Then when I was 18 years old I went to Chennai to do my under-graduation degree- I first stayed near Central Station for 2 months and then live near Egmore station for 1 and a half years.

    Then I went to London to do my post-graduation- finally, again in a land of double decker buses!! I always tried to travel on top storey. But in the summer it got quite heated and the windows were all locked shut. One day 2 meet a friend i was travelling by one such double decker bus on the upper storey. As the journey took some time and was during the summer I fell asleep and woke up with a start infront of St Pancreas Station and immediately thought to myself-“how did I come back to Chennai and what am I doing in Central Station?”

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